Guard Passing Simplified, Part One

Proven methods that show you how to confidently pass an opponent's guard | taught by Roy Harris

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Guard Passing Simplified, Part One


Since Brazilian Jiu Jitsu first appeared on the scenes here in the U.S. in the late 1980's, what has separated it from the other grappling arts is a position called, "The Guard." The guard has frustrated practitioners from all of the various other grappling arts (Judo, Wrestling, Sambo, etc...) as well as many practitioners of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

The modus operandi for training within the culture of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu has been (a) the learning of technique followed by (b) a lengthy period of sparring. And while that was enough for the average student for many years, it seemed to lack "something." Sensing the need for more, students and instructors began combining the concepts of drills and combinations to their training. That is as far as Jiu Jitsu has progressed in recent years.

This course will be a mix of PDFs, audio and video files. It will lay a foundation as far as theory, technique and simple training methods are concerned. And, in part two of this series, I will go much farther into the concepts of training - one that will go WAY BEYOND technique.


• Details of the individual components of the guard pass
• Preventing the Arm Lock
• Preventing the Triangle Choke
• The actual passes
• Securing the pass
• Developing your guard passing through “training”
• Putting it all together
• Mindsets and progression #1
• Mindsets and progression #2
• Releasing the opponent’s grips
• Releasing the opponent’s feet on the biceps
• Releasing the opponent’s feet being hooked
• De La Riva Guard considerations
• “X” Guard considerations
• Arm lock defenses
• Collar choke defenses
• Conclusion


This course will cost:


Some have commented, "$97 is a lot to pay for one single course." I have responded by asking the following questions:

• How much does one month of instruction at your academy cost? $80? $100? $120? $150? $200?

• For the $80 to $200 you pay each month, how often do you get to review ALL of the important details you were taught in one group class - let alone the entire month?

• Do you now see the value in paying a one-time fee for lifetime access to great content - which is accessible on your laptop, tablet, Android, iPhone or Windows phone daily?

Let me give you an example of how one student uses my instructionals:

I have one student who listens to the videos from my courses on his phone each morning on the 45 minute drive to work. He says it helps him to remember many of the important points of the instructionals, especially in his sparring matches!

Also, whenever I update the course, you get those updates for free - even more value for you!


My goals for this course are as follows:

1. Teach you an easy to remember concept passing the guard that doesn’t rely having to learn and memorize 100+ techniques.
2. Teach you many of the do’s and dont’s of guard passing - things I wish my instructors had either taught or emphasized to me.
3. Teach you a structured training method - one that will last you for decades.

Does this sound like a plan? Do you have questions or comments? If so, email me at the address listed below.

I hope to see you on the inside (because this is definitely a game changing instructional),

Roy Harris

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Roy Harris
Roy Harris
Senior Instructor

Mr. Roy Harris has been training in twenty-seven (27) styles of martial arts since 1981. He has taught 600+ seminars in 24 countries and on one cruise ship. He has written a book, produced several iOS apps and been featured in several local, national and international magazines.

For a more detailed look at his background, go to this URL:

Instructor: Roy Harris


Course Curriculum

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Quiz #1
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The Details
Preventing the arm lock / triangle choke FREE TRIAL
Uncrossing the ankles FREE TRIAL
Secure the thigh
Pass the guard FREE TRIAL
Secure the pass
Survey #1
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Training your base
Training your posture FREE TRIAL
Training to uncross
Training to secure the thigh
Training the pass
Putting it all together
Training to secure the pass
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Mindsets and Progression
Mindsets and Progression #1 FREE TRIAL
Mindsets and Progression #2
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Release the Grips
Release the Feet on the Biceps FREE TRIAL
Release the Foot Hooks
De La Riva Guard Considerations
"X" Guard Considerations
Arm Lock Defenses
Collar Choke Defenses
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Final GPS 1 Survey
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Reviews (16)

by Pradeep Nair

by john swisher

Guard Passing part one

by Ryan Bailey
Roy is an excellent professor!
Read more

by Pradeep Nair

by john swisher

Guard Passing part one

by Ryan Bailey
Roy is an excellent professor!

Guard Passing part one

by Ryan Bailey
Roy is an excellent professor!

Good stuff, as always!

Roy Harris has always represented, to me, quality instruction. This set was no exception. I can't wait for Part 2, 3, 4, etc


by robert verdell
Simple, fundamental and intelligent.

by Michael Austin

by Daniel Jeffrey
As with all of Roy Harris instructionals very useful .I have had lots of success with a lot of his apps thank you Roy hope for more in the future. But as with everything I will have to study this course a lot more . Every time I watch I pic up some thing I missed.

Amazing detail

by Austin Harnden
Roy Harris once again proves that he is a world class instructor! The level of detail covered along with his clear and concise instruction makes this course a must have.

Fantastic instruction

by Sammy Shon
I love this instruction. It's classic Roy Harris teaching, clear, effective & very technical. I hope he puts out lots more instructionals.


by Isis Torres
As a lover of details, definitly i love it!

Excellent instructional

by marcelo corpuz
This was a great instructional that, while giving some technique, imparts upon the student perhaps more valuable information on how to train the techniques. The delivery platform is novel, and works well on both a laptop/desktop and a mobile device. I can't wait for Part Two!


by Marcus McGowan
Easy to follow! Very articulate explanations on techniques! A very unique and effective approach to training! Great course format! - Marcus McGowan

Every white belt should start here.

by Markus Laumann
I'm still new enough to BJJ that getting caught in someone's guard feels like wandering through a minefield. This fundamentally sound approach to posture and passing gives me a safer path to follow. I'm in a better position now to mitigate dangers proactively instead of stumbling into my next tap.

Mr. Harris does it again!

by Brian Jennings
I have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of Mr. Harris' new on-line training website, and his first instructional did not disappoint! Mr. Harris takes arguably one of the most difficult skill sets in BJJ and demonstrates not only technique, but training methods. The site is very easy to navigate, and the video production quality is excellent. I'm looking forward to all the future Harris Academy releases. Who knows, I may even find interest in golf! :)

by Per Christian Andresen